Summer Travel Tips for Host Families

Only a few more weeks until school is out!  And so . . . summer travel time is upon us.

I wanted to draw your attention to certain summer related topics I would love for you to discuss with your au pair.

TRAVEL​: Some of you maybe traveling as a family, but without your au pair this summer. Please do discuss with your au pair:

  • Will the time you are gone as a family count as your au pair’s vacation time? Or is she taking her vacation at a different time during the year?
  • What are your expectations on car use while your family is gone? I would hate for my au pairs to be isolated; I would love for them to be able to go places. But you can certainly put limits on where your au pair is allowed to drive during your absence. If you travel outside the country, please do leave your au pair with emergency contact numbers {other than me}, who to call if AC unit in the house dies, etc.
  • If your time away does not count towards the au pair’s vacation time, you can certainly leave her with a child-related to do list. (Remember, your au pair must receive her weekly stipend each week, no matter if you are gone.) For example, she could be organizing the children’s closets, sort out the clothes that no longer fit, organize the play room, keep the kitchen space she uses tidy. But please beware, while light housekeeping is okay, I will not support au pairs having to clean the house during your absence.

Further, in your discussion, please remind your au pair about your house/guest rules before your departure. Be stern when you speak about that!

CHILDREN IN CARS: ​ Please do have a talk with your au pair about the danger of leaving children unattended in cars. While it is okay in some cultures to leave children in the car while quickly running into the store, we all know it is illegal here. Cars become incredibly hot incredibly fast in the summer heat and our au pairs need to be aware of that. I sent out a reminder email about that yesterday, but this is definitely an important subject and it never hurts to hear it twice! 🙂

WATER SAFTEY: ​ We will discuss this subject at our next au pair meeting on June 3rd. Your au pair will take a short online quiz before our next meeting and we will discuss answers as well as talk about Water Safety at the meeting. We are handing out a pamphlet about Water Safety at our meeting. Feel free to talk to your au pair about it again as well. Please also make sure you remind them of the importance of sun screen. We will also talk to them about it at our meeting.

Lastly, just a heads up: My family and I will be going on a camping trip to Denver from July 4-9. I will be in touch in a few weeks with a reminder and the contact information of my colleague that will be covering for me while we are gone.

These are the most important topics I can think of right now. If you have tips/advise that I did not list here and you would like to share with the other families in this group, please let me know, so I can share it with everyone!

I wish you all a fantastic summer! And always safe travels!

Wednesday, 9 May 2018 4:46 AM


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